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If you would like to explore whether I might be able to help you, telephone me on 01409 211514 or e-mail me at shelagh.ashe@googlemail.com. We can discuss your garden needs, and if it seems appropriate I will arrange to visit you in your garden.

The 'Services' section of this website sets out what I can offer. Depending on the need sometimes one visit may be sufficient, but if a new design is needed for the whole or part of the garden then it will be necessary for a full garden assessment to be done, including soil tests, garden measurements, a study of the existing planting and a good look at conditions in the garden. It may be helpful to look at the garden from inside the house, to establish the various viewpoints and to ascertain the need for any screening. You may want me to relate any new planting to your existing interior design and I would want to obtain a picture of your likes and dislikes-to help me produce a design which suits you and your lifestyle.

It will be necessary to explore with you your hopes for your garden, features you may want to include, the sort of planting you would like and your gardening experience and expertise so that I can produce a planting which you will feel confident about managing.

I will then produce a design for you. In the case of an entirely new design for the garden I will produce a general plan first, and, if you would like this, a full planting plan once this has been agreed. In some cases a planting plan for a new area is all that will be needed, and so this will be given to you at this stage.

As my priority is to produce a garden which you will love I am happy to spend as much time as you would like ensuring that the design and the plants chosen are what you want. Once the plan is agreed upon we will decide upon the implementation. I will suggest landscapers who can provide a quotation for the hard landscaping and ground preparation, and will project manage the garden development for you, if you wish . Alternatively, if you would like to do much of the work yourself, I am happy to be involved as required.

I will provide the plants for you at wholesale prices (which will save you a considerable amount of time and money), and either set them out with their required spacing for you to plant, or plant them for you myself.

Once the work is done you will receive a completely personal Planting Record and Maintenance Schedule, with a month-by-month guide. At that point you can decide to go solo, or invite me to visit a couple of times a year to advise on the development of the planting, and, especially for the first year, demonstrate pruning and other relevant garden maintenance tasks.

With clients who have particularly busy lives I would be available to instruct their gardeners, or visit the garden ever month or so to undertake essential maintenance tasks such as pruning and plant training myself.

Please feel free to get in touch to discuss your garden needs, even if you are not sure exactly what you have in mind. I am very happy to explore with you whether I might be the one to work with you on your garden.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Shelagh Ashe

Weigela florida

Philadelphus 'Belle Etoile'